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Updated: Feb 2

Welcome to Round Up 2024! We know it looks a little different, but we want you to feel the same. For a moment, bring yourself back. Back to the anticipation, the fellowship, the learning and the fun!

Here we go....we are there.

You: Banging on the doors of the event space.

Home Office: Running around like headless chickens (2 minutes behind)

Jodi: Queuing the entrance music with the song of the year.

You: Enter...

Our #1 goal when hosting RU is for you to feel ready to ramp up your business when you leave, and while this feels a bit different, we are confident that when you leave this page- it will almost feel like leaving RU. In case you didn't catch the 2024 Theme of the year:

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the upcoming announcements that we will be making. We know that many of you have been inquiring and at the end of your chair to get the news! Well, here we are! What you can expect from this announcement is going to make you more profitable, give you more time to do what you love, and considerably make our turn around times improve so we are more reliable for you!

First, let's talk about the important basics.

Facelift to

  • Check it out! This is the page that you choose your subscription, and where those who are Artisan have their replicated websites. Nothing about this site has changed except the look. You can still log in using your original login credentials, and now that this site is live, expect some updates to happen in your subscriber dashboard (it will still looks the same with outdated information for a moment)

Last Day To Order From this site: January 31, 2024

Last Day To Access Old Orders and Reports: February 29, 2024

Why? There are a couple reasons for this.

  • The site was built to support a Direct Sales Model of business and less user friendly when it came to ordering.

  • After running LE Wholesale for an entire year, we had many limitations in the site preventing us from truly running the model the way we needed to.

  • We needed a website that we are able to "control" ourselves, rather than relying on developers to make every change that we needed (at an unaffordable cost to us).

This INCLUDES all emails ending in

The NEW contact email for LE is

We have LAUNCHED a NEW ordering site!


  • It's user friendly for ordering!

  • Everything we sell is in one place! Vinyl, Surfaces, DTF Transfers and Apparel!

  • Shipping is calculated based on what is being ordered rather than a flat 10%. One of the biggest problems with our old site, was that we were unable to change the way that shipping was calculated. Our new systems allows the flexibility to charge real rates for shipping by weight. You even get to choose how you want it shipped!

  • Able to get VIP Pricing Based on your choice of subscription. 10-20% immediate discounts for being a subscriber.

How Does It Work?

You are no longer required to hold a subscription in order to shop. This new site is not a password protected site. However, If you are a subscriber, you will receive a discount on all products.

What are my choices for a subscription?

  1. Subscribe to the Tee Club= 10% immediate discount in shop page

  2. Subscribe to the Vinyl Club= 10% immediate discount in shop page

  3. Subscribe to the NEW Transfer Club= 10% immediate discount in shop page

  4. Subscribe to Artisan Annual= 20% immediate discount in shop page.

Important Note: You no longer need to have a monthly subscription to subscribe as Artisan. You can choose one or the other. Choosing both is great, too, but no longer required!

Your email will be your identity in the new site and your VIP discount level will be applied to the email that you use to order through. Your discount will appear at check out.


Starting February 1st, we will begin the process of applying VIP discounts into the shop account in the order that your subscription is processing.

(we're trusting you will come back for the rest of this information after a quick sneak peek!

Linked below is a pricing comparison spreadsheet- so we promise it's worth continuing)

If you have questions about your subscription status, please don't hesitate to contact Home Office for clarification at our NEW email:

NOTE: Beta Testers! This new site will be replacing the beta testing site. We already have your accounts set up, but may need to do some troubleshooting with switching your account over to the new site. Contact home office so we can do this together.

New Email: Phone: (269) 264-1210

Site Sales Tax Changes: Because this site is not a password protected site, we are required to charge Michigan Sales Tax (6%) on all products sold unless:

  • You file with us a Sales Tax License from your state indicating that you will pay into your own state for your sales tax

  • You currently live in a state that does not require sales tax to be collected through online sales

It is your responsibility to notify and file this with Home Office before we can legally make your account tax exempt. When your Sales Tax License is due to expire, we will make an effort to reach out to you to collect your updated copy. If we do not receive one, we will change your status in our account.

If you intend to run a business with our products, reach out to a local accountant to inquire further about your responsibilities as a business owner to ensure you are staying compliant.

New Product

In October, we asked who would be interested in Beta Testing a program and new product line of DTF Transfers. We are SO thankful to those who helped us learn our new system and it was an important process to get to where we are today.

We are now ready to offer them to the entire field. We highly encourage you to learn the amazing profits that can be achieved from using DTF in all areas of your business. Why?

  • Transfers can be applied to any porous surface. This includes wood!

  • Lay unlimited colors once!

  • Soft on clothes, and durable on surfaces.

  • Design your own using templates in our Design Tool.

  • Upload or build your own gang sheet to get bottom dollar pricing!

Helpful Videos to learn about DTF:

Pricing New and Old

Check out the significant savings on the things you already use, and then check out the savings by getting familiar with DTF!

How to Order

Watch at your own pace and easily navigate what you forget!

Old Business "Clean Up"

What if I have money in my e-wallet?

E-wallet balances will be given in the form of an emailed gift certificate for the new website IF you request your balance from HO by: Friday February 2.

Are Sharing Bonuses going to continue?

Yes. They will still be available but done a little differently. They will be issued QUARTERLY in the form of a gift certificate to be used on the website.

  • The first quarter will run JANUARY-MARCH. If you personally have an active subscription (either Artisan or Monthly) for each of those months, you will be eligible to earn the sharing bonus (issued in April for that quarter)

Are we still selling paint?

Unfortunately, with the decrease in sales, we are no longer able to have an account with our current paint supplier. We do however, still have some colors that will remain available on our new site as a "while supplies last" item.

Are we still selling accessories?

No. When LE was in it's "prime", we were able to source higher quantities of the things that you were purchasing at a wholesale rate. Over the past few years, we have needed to source a lot of items from Amazon. This seems a bit pointless when we can just offer you direct links to the items you may need. Get them without the "middle man".

Are we able to get all the same Vinyl Colors?

No. We will be limiting our vinyl color selections. Certain times of year, you may see the return of specialty colors such as glitter vinyl.

  • Click Here to see our current active list of vinyl colors.

If you decide to dig deeper into DTF, you'll notice that there are many more options uploaded to our design tool, and unlimited options if you upload your own!

Are we able to get Wooden Cutouts?

The short answer is yes. Some. We have chosen to stock the top ten 16" graphic cutouts. We may be introducing seasonal options throughout the year as well, so keep a close eye on when more might be available. Additionally, we we have graphics available in the Miscellaneous section of the site as a "while supplies last" product.

If you are looking for a larger quantity (15+) of wooden cutouts in a shape or size that is not available online, please send an email to and request a quote. We would be happy to help in any way that we can!

Thank you for continuing on this journey with us! We are so excited to finally be able to say "The Future Looks Bright!"

Ok, ok- just kidding. We learned our lesson the first time.

Join us for a Q&A call Monday 1/29/24 @ 8:00pm EST

Meeting Link: Launch Q&A Meeting

Monday, January 29 · 8:00 – 9:00pm

Time zone: America/Detroit

Google Meet joining info

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 716-249-0235‬ PIN: ‪981 341 455‬#

Love, Kaycie & Michelle


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