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DTF Washing Instructions

Washing Instructions Printables
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Our DTF transfers are designed to last and with our innovative technology you can benefit from unrivaled durability, especially when compared to other print methods like DTG.

But how can you make sure that your printed shirts and other garments last even longer?

Properly caring for your transfers is important to preserve the print quality and longevity - which is especially important when you’re learning how to make custom shirts. While they can withstand 60+ washes and will last as long as the garment itself, it’s important to protect them as much as possible to give them the best chance of a long life.

Read on to see our wash instructions - where our experts have put together their top tips to help keep your DTF transfers vibrant throughout their lifetime!

In this Article

  • How Long Do DTF Transfers Last?

  • Wash Instructions For DTF Transfers

  • Handling

  • Washing

  • Drying

  • Ironing

  • Top Tips For Longevity

  • Conclusion


How Long Do DTF Transfers Last?

DTF transfers are exceptionally durable, particularly compared to other printing methods like sublimation and even screen printing!

There are a variety of factors that impact durability such as transfer quality, the style of design, the fabric, the application process, and most importantly care and maintenance.

However our tried and tested methods have found that DTF transfers can last over 60+ washes without fading, cracking or peeling as long as they have been correctly applied and have been cared for appropriately. Want your transfers to last this long? Take a look at our washing instructions below for a step by step on how you can properly wash and care for your printed garments.

Wash & Care Instructions For DTF Transfers

Our wash and care instructions have been broken down into different sections - handling DTF transfers prior to printing, washing your garments, drying and ironing, to give you a comprehensive review to help you with your new printed apparel.


As with anything that you want to keep vibrant and in-tact for long periods of time, be gentle with your handling. This is particularly important when you are storing them or moving them around.

Our DTF transfers are highly durable, but they won’t always withstand extensive rough housing prior to being printed!

The same can be said once the transfers have been applied to your garments. Handle these with care to ensure that both the garment and the transfers last as long as possible and the print quality is preserved.


There are a number of different steps to take into consideration to protect your DTF transfer for abrasion or fading in the wash:

  1. Wash inside out - Turn your garment inside out before putting it in the washer to protect the DTF transfer from friction during the cycle.

  2. Use cold water - Use cold or cool water when washing your garments where possible. Avoid hot water - this can also make your garment shrink!

  3. Use a mild detergent - This is key. Avoiding harsh chemicals and bleach can help to avoid damaging your garment and the transfer.

  4. Use a gentle cycle - Opt for a delicate or gentle cycle to minimize agitation or stress on the transfer.

  5. Avoid fabric softeners - A fabric softener has the potential to weaken the adhesion of a DTF transfer. Skip these where possible, at least every other wash.

Our innovative technology ensures our DTF transfers withstand the agitation of a washing machine, helping them to resist fading and cracking and stay vibrant throughout their lifetime.


Effectively drying your garments after washing is just as important as the washing process. There are a few tips that you can take into consideration if you want to protect the longevity of your DTF transfer -

Tip 1: After washing, lay the garment as flat as possible to dry it. Avoid hanging it as the weight of the wet fabric could lead to a stretched transfer.

Tip 2: If using a dryer, do so on a cool setting to avoid shrinking or damaging the transfer.

Tip 2: Do not dry clean DTF transfer garments as the chemicals used can damage the print.


When ironing a garment with a DTF transfer on it, make sure to turn the garment inside out before applying the iron. Use a low temperature setting to help ensure you’re not using excessive heat that could melt or distort the transfer. Also make sure to avoid direct contact between the iron and the transfer.

Top Tips For Longevity

  1. Storing your DTF transfers is just as important as the process of printing or washing them, especially if you’re not pressing the transfers right away. Keep them in a dry location, away from direct sunlight and preferably at room temperature to keep them vibrant for even longer before pressing. A dehumidifier and an air tight container can be your best friends!

  2. Avoid touching the emulsion side of the film when transferring it and storing it - it’s the most sensitive part of the transfer. Where you can, handle the film by the edges or even consider using film handling tools if you have them to hand.

  3. “The second press is vital! A lot of people who’s DTF transfers aren’t lasting or aren’t sticking are usually because they haven’t used enough powder or they haven’t done a second press during the transfer process. Don’t skip this step when pressing DTF transfers and they’ll last as long as your t-shirt does!”


Appropriately washing and caring for your garments and your DTF transfers can help to ensure that they last even longer.

Unparalleled durability is a key feature and benefit of DTF transfers, but with careful washing, drying and ironing, you can make sure that they stay vibrant and resistant to fading and cracking.

Add your own design or logo to garments with transfers that last even longer than the garment itself when you buy DTF transfers from us!


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