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There is something really special about owning a business that helps people create. Together we create memories, art, opportunities and a real sense of family. Start your own Life Expressions Decor business, and as a Creator you'll have the honor of helping people celebrate their own families while making their DIY dreams come true! With your help, they will turn all those pins into lasting artwork for their homes - we can't imagine a more fun business to have!

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For customers, the LE Experience is a genuinely fun, no pressure way to spend time with their family and friends. Guests get to choose their own sign based on their individual taste. Workshops even allow guests to make personalized and customized items- something you can't do with any other home party!

Don't forget your calendar! Our Creators are regularly running out of month before they can fill booking requests!


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Step #1...

Get your base kit for only $29.00





Includes Shipping

Kit Includes:

*Access to the LE Back Office

*Immediate Sales Commissions of 30-50%

*Packet of Business Materials to set you up  for success

*Ability to earn our current incentives


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Step #2...

Order from our New Creator portal to get supplies that are right for you. Items will be available for your first 90 days, and Personal Sales Volume is accumulated for every purchase

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Step #3...

Start selling and earning towards your Express Start program!

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If you still aren't sure, meet a few Creators who decided to join our LE Family...




W Bridgewater, MA

Family for 4 years

Laura G.PNG

"I have been in some form of Direct Sales for the last 15 years. Never have I stayed with a company for more than just a few years. The friendships I've made and the success I've had with this company is why I have stayed for the past four years. I enjoy working closely with Kaycie and Michelle, our company owners, as well as the other leaders on our leadership team. Unlike any other company I've been with, Life Expressions is fun, rewarding and most of all- worth my time! " -Laura

"A lot of people ask me why we call ourselves creators.  As a DIY craft company, the obvious answer might be that we create beautiful, quality, home decor. But, we also create friendships, fun gatherings, income opportunities, and so much more. Best of all is our family-friendly culture. Being surrounded by and working with people who lift you up, care about you, help, and celebrate you has been on of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had.  l feel blessed to call myself an LE creator." -Cari




West Bend, WI

Family for 6 years



Zeeland, MI

Family for 8 years


"Life Expressions has been a game changer in my life and that of my family. The LE family is so amazing, we support everyone not only in our LE businesses, but also in life. I have gained so many life long friendships not just from those in the LE Family, but also my hostesses and guests! LE has given our family debt free Christmas's, my kids the opportunities to participate in Tae Kwon Do and travel sports teams in addition to the spur of the moment dinners out and ice cream. I'm so thankful that I made the choice to join Life Expressions! " -Shawna

"I joined life Expressions just 2 years ago to make a bit of extra cash for my kids activities but it has turned into so much more!! The friendships I have made with my local team and those formed from my time at our "round up" convention are some of the strongest and honest I've ever had. Without the close connection it would just be any old job instead we are a family!! Right now, I'm making a scary life decision and moving 1500 miles away but knowing I can take my business with me because life Expressions has set us up to thrive virtually is helping ease my mind." -Crystal

Crystal Q.PNG



Landolakes, FL

Family for 2 years