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In 2009 Kaycie Cooper and Michelle Brown, two sisters-in-law in Michigan (stay at home moms to 10 children), found joy in creating crafts using vinyl lettering. Friends soon wanted to craft with them, and a basement small business was born with the simple goal of helping finance Christmas for their families. Before long, they were sharing creations at craft fairs and developing interest from other's who wanted to do the same.

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In 2010,  their business moved out of the basement and into rental space, and they officially launched Life Expressions as a direct sales model with a team of consultants doing in-home craft parties and fundraisers with their flagship ‘make & take’ boards, introducing a popular ‘no talent required’ experience with plenty of fun included!

The team of sales consultants, called Creators, grew across the country, and the product line expanded far beyond the 4x24 boards, enabling them to fire their landlord and expand into a building they purchased! Along with the new look/new logo, they added the ability to order personalized and even completely custom products, flexibly evolving with decorating trends and customer interests, helping customers decorate their home, make meaningful gifts, and create priceless memories with family and friends.

Thanks to the 2020 pandemic, it was necessary to refocus once again, this time adding direct shipping and a wide array of DIY projects to keep customers crafting at home when they couldn’t gather with our consultants. We modified our in-home parties to be online with zoom and facebook live. No pandemic was going to stop us from partying and crafting! We even added monthly subscription boxes with surprise craft projects.

and NOW...

Here we are, entering 2023 and finding yet another golden opportunity to pivot and evolve with the times! Our customers are DIY crafting at home more, while health concerns cause some to prefer gathering more intimately in smaller groups. Customers get ideas online and try to recreate their favorites but still appreciate guidance on the ‘how to’ steps. Even our consultant creators have had shifts in their obligations and priorities— calendars are full, schedules are busy, costs of living has risen and free time is scarce. They love crafting and decorating but need to do it on their schedule and in some cases add a flexible source of extra money to their budget. What is the solution?

Enter LE WHOLESALE! We have now switched from being a direct sales model / company, and instead are now sharing deeper than ever product discounts with our customer members. Whether your goal is to craft DIY at discount, decorate your home, make gifts, socialize hosting craft nights with friends, make extra money at craft fairs, raise money for near and dear causes, or create a stream of income for bills or extras, we have options for you! No long term commitments, no minimums, no downlines with responsibilities, no prickly policy guides with boatloads of restrictions. Instead, the ability to do YOUR CRAFTING, YOUR WAY, with PLENTY OF FUN, whether it’s for yourself or for an income. YOU decide. Check out the chart below to see how YOU can fit into the ALL NEW LE FAMILY!

TEE's with LE!



per month

Receive 1-3 Subscriber EXCLUSIVE vinyl designs mailed directly to your mailbox every month to use however you wish. Keep, gift, or sell.



per month

Receive the TEE of the month delivered to your door. This is perfect for those who love to wear their words!



per month

Receive a surprise craft kit (complete project) shipped to your home each month! Make it on your own time. Keep it, gift it, or sell it! It's up to you!


  • Enjoy access to LE Wholesale pricing for any of our vinyl designs, surfaces, or our NEW Tee's with LE products that you may wish to buy or sell. Order what you want, when you want.
  • No minimum purchase requirement beyond your monthly subscription
  • Earn cash simply for sharing our programs with others! Each month you can receive a thank you bonus rewarding you for anyone who subscribes to either of our plans for as long as you and they continue to subscribe. That's no strings FREE MONEY for your that you can use to fund our crafting habit or spend as cash!
  • Connect with other subscribing Creators and Crafters and share ideas on our exclusive Facebook Groups. Additionally, have the support of one of our Company Mentors who are also available to answer questions and give you product support. 
  • Ability to hold craft events, fundraisers, or parties for extra income if desired.
  • Eligible for engaging in incentives and receiving prizes for the incentives you achieve!
  • Invitation to attend our Annual Crafting Conference for some well deserved time away with like minded crafters or business builders making an income from Life Expressions Wholesale.

Are you looking for more?


By subscribing to any monthly subscription club (Creator, TEE, or Crafter) you are eligible to add on a bonus membership to our Artisan club for $199/year. Ideal for those who want to EARN INCOME, when you maintain your monthly subscription and your annual membership, you receive these EXTRA PERKS in addition to those that come with your monthly subscription.

~ 10% CASH BACK whenever you order at least $100/month from your back office. This gives you an even deeper discount than our everyday Wholesale pricing.

~ Ability to order 'Artisan Club Only’ bulk surfaces (packages of 3) and other special items (such as bulk packs of Make & Take vinyl) if desired, at a deeper discount (ideal if you plan to hold craft events).

~ Access to our staff designers for CUSTOM vinyl orders (only Artisan Club members can order CUSTOM designs—other members may order pre-designed vinyl items only)

~ FREE replicated website to promote to your customers, giving you a business presence as well as an easy way to add new subscribers to your bank (for your monthly sharing bonuses).

~ When you order $5,000 or more during your membership year, receive a 50% discount on your renewal (so $99/year instead of $199/year)


per year

When you love something so much, and it has been such a large part of your life for so long, you learn to adapt, and adjust to what feels right for everyone. We are so proud of those who are both currently active in Life Expressions as well as those who have loved LE for their season. We love each of our Creator's dearly, and look forward to living in and loving the future with all of you!

Michelle & Kaycie

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